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By filling out this questionnaire, you can start laying a solid foundation for your web site. It will not only help us meet all of your creative and marketing requirements, but it will also help you define your goals for your site.

Please donít feel like you need to answer every question before you send it in! You can start by answering the ones you are most clear about, and we can work on the other questions together.


Please tell us whether you wish to have your web site designed in Flash for more fluent animations and transitions or standard HTML. (Over 95% of all computers have flash installed on them.)


Please select all web page elements that you want to include on your web site.


Do you currently have a corporate logo and/or corporate image that you want to incorporate into your web site design?

If you do have a logo, is it available in a clean transparent digital format (.JPG, .GIF., .TIF etc.)?

If you do not have a logo, would you like us to create one for you?

If you use a tagline or slogan and would like it as part of your logo, enter it here:


Do you have photos you want included in your web site?

If so, are they available in digital format (.JPG, .GIF, .TIF, etc.)?

Approximately how many photos?


Please tell us what colours you prefer? Do you lean towards warm colours (red, pink, orange, yellow, brown) or cool colours (blue, green, purple, black)? Do you prefer a softer, pastel look, or bright, vibrant colours? Earth tones? Neutrals (grays, taupe, white, beige)?

Please describe in as much detail your preferences and ideas for your colour scheme.


Please describe with as much detail as possible the nature of your business. (Include information on what your company does, what you sell and to whom, where you sell [local, regional, global], are you an online or "brick & mortar" business, what sets your company apart from competition? Please feel free to elaborate further. It will help us provide a design or brand that makes the right statement to the right people.)


Please describe with as much detail as possible the expectations of your website, what you intend this web site to do for your business. Do you want to use it to attract clients? Sell products and services via an on-line store? Provide useful free information? Be a resource for others? Become well-known in a particular industry? Promote a business idea, charity, public service, association? Knowing what you expect from your web site will help us create a functional design for you, so take some time to clarify your expectations.


Please describe with as much detail as possible any new or additional content to be added to the new web site. E.g. Information on specific services or products; interactive features like a forum / message board; inclusion of an existing database; new database development


Please describe your target audience? Are they current clients or new clients? What might they be looking for on your web site? What types of clients do you want to attract?

It's important to be clear on who your audience is, so we can design the most workable solution.


Please describe the image you want to project. Do you favour a conservative, very corporate image? Masculine or feminine image? Fun and playful? Bright and colourful? Soft and restful?

Please give us a description of the image you want to project.

What characteristics do you want your website to project? Check all that apply:

Please check all that best describe your company or product.


Do you want animation effects on your web site, such as: buttons that look like they've been "clicked", quote of the day, scrolling marquee, tickers, etc.? Describe the animation effects you'd like to have.


Do you require special e-commerce functionality such as: client registration or other database; secure product order forms; on-line catalogue of products; etc.? Please describe.


Do you currently have a domain name registered for your web site (such as If so, list the domain here.

If you do not have a domain name registered, please list your top 3 choices for the domain names you would like to register so Anand Consulting can check their availability.


Do you currently have a web hosting provider?

Would you like Anand Consulting to arrange Web Hosting for you?


Would you like to give Anand Consulting temporary access to your admin tool and/or host to view the database and directory structure?

If so, please provide the following information:


Can you give Anand Consulting the web addresses for other web sites you particularly like, and tell us why you like them?


What is your time frame for completing this project? Please give us an approximate target date.


Do you currently have all content/text for your web site available in electronic format, such as word DOC or PDF? (If the content is not ready to go today, this will impact the delivery date.)
Please select a response that best describes your content/text availability:


Will portions of your web site require frequent updates on a weekly or monthly basis? Features such as calendars/schedules, daily quotes, video postings, etc., may require arrangements to perform regular site maintenance.

Please indicate your expectations of web site maintenance by selecting one of the options below.


Custom Programming.
Almost 90% of the time , E-commerce, Login features require a custom built utility where you can easily update all your web site content. This cost is relatively inexpensive in comparison of having your changes updated every month by a web developer. Please explain in detail what sort of features you would like to see on your custom built utility, for e.g. Add News, Edit Page Content, Upload Images.


Additional information.
If you have any additional information you would like to share with us regarding ideas for your web site, please provide this information below.